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Chanelling Your Inner Amazon

In medieval times, a kingdom of Amazons was called a 'Femyny'. Not meaning to sound overly feminist, but I'd like to declare the present day world as our femyny. Evidently, Amazons were "man - haters" who maimed male infants and had partial mastectomies. This was not what I expected to find when I looked up Amazons. On the other hand, what I did like was that these women "fought" there battles in a male-centric world did justice to the armour that was worn and protected their tribes, dismissing the age-old norm that "man" was synonymous for "protector". This is much like today's world. I'm not denying that glass ceilings exist, indeed they do; but, I'm proud to see so many women conquer the odds. My wonderful boyfriend of six months constantly asks me why I wear such "heavy" (in his words) jewellery (also his words; I prefer 'bling'). I couldn't explain it at that point, but maybe this is my armour…

One Tart Too Many: Going against the tidal wave

One Tart Too Many: : Going against the tidal wave So, I thought that I could conveniently escape. Get away with no one seeing me. Remove myself, my thoughts and memories for all eternity long, but the tidal wave caught up and swallowed me in whole.

Which tidal wave? Oh, I didn't say it was social media did I? I thought social media would be a fast fading fad - a thing that teens did. How incredibly wrong I was. It's here to stay, and I've taken by second step (the first being when I signed up for a blog 2 years ago and forgot my password until Google reminded me of its existence) and resumed the "blog". I feel incredibly facetious to own a "blog". Maybe, after my fifth post I'll stop using quotation marks.

Maybe I'm late. But, I'd rather go and say hello to the host than not attend a party at all.

So, I raise my glass of champagne to the future. <clink!>