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Differing the Different

It’s Monday and I’m already wondering if I need psychiatric assistance. Incidents over the years and my reaction to them have got me asking if there no such thing as ‘forgetting’. Do our sub-conscious memories affect the way we behave? Do the atrocities we have suffered or witnessed others suffer change the course of our life? I’ve been told (too many times, me thinks) that I’m ‘independent’, ‘hard-hearted’ and ‘stubborn’ – my friend of 16 years told me recently these attributes are maybe the result of a not so great childhood or adolescence. She even thought that I don’t use enough smiley faces. Does that mean that if I had a “happy” childhood, I would be a milder person? If my parents had been exemplary individuals I would have been less temperamental? If I had been treated nicer by my “family”, I will be less independent and more vulnerable, as females are perceived / ought to be? If I had more extended family, I’d understand why so many people post statuses on Facebook of love t…