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Growing Pains

Each year, for my fortune, I learn a lesson. It usually takes place at the latter part of the year, but this year, my lesson was months too early. Last year, I learned that to be arrogant was to be ignorant. I would ignore or choose not to associate someone or learn something if it meant going beneath myself. How wrong I was, 2012 was the best year where my work was concerned, because this fact was a lesson well learned. I now know that with humility, you could earn respect, gain knowledge and if you’re lucky, more than what you bargained for.

This year, 2013, has not been kind to me. The prospect of turning 27 haunts me. I remember being 16 and thinking that any number beyond 25 was synonymous with “expired, icky, and wrinkles” – I passed that age 2 years ago. I may have gained knowledge, earned an income to support a decent lifestyle but I’m no different to who I was 11 years ago. I still believe in true love, I still believe in one love, and I still believe in soul mates. This yea…