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Of Unicorns, Disney Boyfriends, and Glass Slippers

Have fairly tales influenced our decisions? Are the happy endings we read about cause for our constant disappointment?

As I am 27, many many wonderful people take the liberty of reminding me that I am no longer in my ‘blossoming youth’ - I tell them often enough that if they approach these grounds without bodily provision, I will make parts of their anatomies blossom. I am just kidding, I do not say a word, I simply cower away with the most hackneyed excuse of all time ‘I am waiting for my Prince Charming’. To this, I always get the same answer saying that I watch too many sappy movies, read too many Mills & Boons (yes, in secret till I was 20) and watched too many Disney cartoons and I have UNREAL expectations. Can you believe the audacity these people possess?

When I think about this now, I think boys have been influenced by fairy tales far more than girls. Why? If you do think about it, their behaviour, perspectives, and assumptions are rooted in those magical books courtesy o…

Universal Truths

How long is forever? Why is marriage soon becoming what people do and regret in five years?

Recently, I had lunch with a friend. He’s one of Sri Lanka’s self-made millionaires (or billionaires at this stage) and has been married for 27 years. Over the last three years of being acquainted with him, I have become friends with his wife as well. Every so often when we do speak or bump into one another, we discuss work and life in general; I think he fancies the idea of being my “mentor” as we constantly deliberate over moves to make at work.

This occasion was different, he was agitated and obviously in need of venting out; I agreed to have lunch. No sooner the crab meat and egg droplet soup had arrived he spoke of his wife. I’d always maintained a respectable distance from topics related to domestic happiness and avoided delving in to areas that were too personal.

Over-exposure to boundaries so personal made me leave my soup aside and listen. (And it was the most aromatic soup ever) Appar…