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Are You a Colombite? (Pronounced Column-bite) - A journey to discover your beginnings in just 20 points.

I could not imagine living anywhere other than Sri Lanka; we are a weird, beautiful and complex populace. We are said to have descended from India, repeated colonization over the centuries have ‘spiced’ our heritage; patriots the nation over cling on to this illusive concept of “Sri Lanka” being a single nationality, I think it’s rather silly - a Sri Lankan cannot be defined without bringing together many cultures, beliefs, and ethnicities.

While walking down Galle Road recently, I was privy to many conversations; from discussions about one’s inefficient daughter-in-law, to another’s phone battery dying mid-way into a conversation with her boyfriend, to yet another whose son has problems listening to his parents. We are a funny lot, aren’t we? We don’t just air out dirty laundry; no, we are eons ahead, we publicly announce that we are short of detergent, beg for some, do the laundry and expect to use the neighbour’s dryer.

This had me imagining how it would be if we had a tribal syst…