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How Well Do You Wear Your Crown?

So, after the Disney princes piece, I was asked by a few to only be fair and write about the Disney princesses who have not only charmed their ways in to our lives, but provided us with tact, ingenuity, and better role models than the present day pop icons.

I remember being seven years old and being the victim of peer-pressure; this was in its cruelest forms. Everywhere I looked in my class was the signature Barbie pink bags, or Barbie stationery or Lisa Frank accessories. I was not allowed to have one because my parents, a. probably had better things to do with limited resources; b. wanted to teach me the concept of life; c. did not like me. Anyway, getting back to the topic, my peers were always able to charm their way in to their fathers’ hearts and got anything they wanted. Be it Barbie themed stationery, Nike trainers at nine years, parties at the then famed Pizza Hut – they had it all. This had me wondering – who influenced this un-Freudian like behavior?

How was it that some ‘…