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Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

When was the first time I thought about love? I would have been twelve years old. At that age, despite having most of my peers resort to varied methods of hair removal, I turned to nature conservation: I maintained a mini Amazon on my legs as razors were locked away; even masking tape at times.

At twelve, I could barely contain my enthusiasm to leave school to have a boyfriend. Back then, having a “boy” or “friend”; or a combination was a carnal sin; everyone knows that. So, the agreed “age” according to ‘The Mother’ was nineteen, which was a constant moving target.

Right. Enough with the nostalgia. The real reason I decided to delve in to relationships is because of the horror stories I hear from the people around me.

When did relationships turn out to be the Steven Spielberg movie it is today? If you do not already know what I am talking about, please, no, really, stop and smack yourself with a hard/sharp object. Relationships, for some have turned in to a tumult that
deals with c…