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Order for One Prince Charming, Please!

The more time I pass as a single girl, the more time I have had to reflect on my relationships, failed, flopped or mysteriously disappeared.

As I approach the 28th (bleugh) year of life and having been single for a greater part of it, I noticed that every now and then I compile a mental list of what I expect in Prince (barely) Charming. Is it strange that my concept of love and marriage has always been the same since I was 15? I know many who seem to think that my notions are far too idyllic and rosy; they seem to think that love and mush does not last beyond the second year of marriage.

So, here is the beginning of my wish list – I may not get this in its entirety, but at least I have a blue print to guide me through.

I want a man who would love watching me sleep. NOT in the manner of a chainsaw murderer or that clown-killer who says ‘Why so serious?' Won't it be great to have someone who knows you drool in your sleep, and somehow locks his arm so that your head would not til…