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Vulnerability - turn on or off? Let's talk about that.

In continuing with my ‘wish list’ for Prince (barely) Charming, I discovered another attribute that I would want my partner to possess. I remembered a friend who secretly confessed that she fell out of love when she unraveled different shades of her partner. Let me elaborate.

She liked them mean, arrogant, dominant – sure enough, she snapped one from the smoldering, rarely-smiled kind from the pack. She was attracted to him, she envisioned a future together; it was perfect – he was rarely known to forgive. Until – a few weeks in to their relationship, it turned out that he was Yogi bear in a business suit (and pants, most importantly). He was vulnerable, needy and judging by how he appeared to the world in general, a good actor. The relationship ended a few days after she confronted him explaining why it could never work.

This got me thinking about how I would love the very things she despised. Wouldn’t you?

I would love a man who appeared to be the face of arrogance; someone who woul…