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In Love with Two

As I say these words in my head, it sounds so wrong. The “old” me would not even want to discuss such notions, for me to admit to such would be like crossing a labyrinth. This month, I am going to treat you to the flip-slide: switching gears, I needed to understand how our male counterparts feel on such trying situations. I was amazed with what I found.

You ask, is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Yes. I believe you can be.

I remember reading somewhere about a woman who had two husbands whom she loved ‘equally’; one was her college sweetheart whom she married in her early 20s and the other was her husband whose intellect, passion and ambition she desired. The former represented her formative years and the latter her metamorphosis from na├»ve to the other extreme. When asked if she could pick one she loved the most, she declined saying that she loved them both, what was repulsive and astounding was that both men were happy with this ‘agreement’.

In my late tee…