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Ten Challenges Single Girls Face Everyday!

I was thinking today that I have nine friends who got married this year; that’s almost a wedding every month of the year – that’s a lot of weddings; that’s a lot of celebrations (and a lot of rich wedding suppliers) and a little less people who are single left in the world.

Before I begin I must confirm that it is not all bad being single; it’s not what they show in the movies where the single girl mopes around the house all day in nightwear, eating cereal at all times during the day except for the time it is intended for; un-brushed hair or/and teeth; theatrically posed with tissue in hand, dabbing gently at the tear from the corner of her eye waiting for Prince “Too Late” Charming to make an appearance. (I do brush my teeth and occasionally dance alone in my room with the music so loud the glass panels reverberate – and sleep, a lot – you must be single to fully comprehend the beauty of sleeping, undisturbed, knowing there is no one to interrupt.)

Just as marriage and relationships…