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28 Things I would Tell Myself at 18!

As my twenties are fast dwindling, and I turn 28 (brave, smiley face) this month, I thought of compiling a list of 28 things I would have told my 18-year old self. The last ten years have been unnecessarily educational, fattening, and gravity has introduced itself to parts of my body. If I were to meet my 18-year old self, I will probably hold myself by the hand and go to the nearest salon; I was three hairs away from a perfect unibrow.

Apart from that, I will offer myself advice – I might not call it that, knowing me, I am prone to doing the exact opposite of the advice proffered. Though I would be mildly shocked at hearing the following.

1. Sexual healing will always be the song I will run to the dance floor for no matter the time of day or situation. It is, and will always be my absolute favourite song – can I make it my song for my first dance at my wedding? It could be absolutely anywhere or in any circumstance, when I hear Marvin Gaye singing this song, I turn in to Beyonce and …