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It’s been 20 minutes, and I miss you already.

Sometimes love happens, even to the most disbelieving. I always thought it was a deliberate action where we condition our minds, hearts and bodies to be.

Four failed relationships later, I know better now. Maybe we can’t be held responsible for our emotions – or, can we?

Today I had a discussion with a female colleague in the ladies’ locker for half an hour while she preened her already flawless makeup. She said something so simple, and yet so profound. At 32, she’s a beautiful and accomplished lady; and on discussing being single she just asked me, why I let the world get to me. Let the world believe what is wants – I don’t always have to answer to the world. I need to stop making excuses for the lack of a relationship.

This lead me to think someone I know who fell in love with someone who was already in a committed relationship. What started as harmless flirtation, a fling by all means, turned in to a full blown romance that lasted over six months. I asked her if she knew she was …