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Ten Types of Guys on Tinder!

The official site for Tinder describes this freely available App as ‘how people meet; it’s just like reality ,only better’. Let’s talk about ‘reality’ for a minute. MEETING NICE GUYS IS INCREDIBLY HARD (You’re welcome). In all honesty, I have lost all hope in finding Price Charming – the guys I encounter still wear skinny jeans. Yes, they missed that memo from 2010.

For those of you who have not ‘played’ on Tinder, let me give you an insight on how this marvelous App works. Once downloaded, you create a profile that should sound appealing enough for the average male brain. You are allowed to pick the gender, age limit and proximity of the people you wish to meet (GPS finally makes sense now). If the person who appears on the screens seems formidable, you simply swipe ‘left’, and if one was impressed, you simply swiped ‘right’. By chance if the person you ‘liked’ has viewed your profile and ‘liked’ you in return, it says that there’s a match and you can begin a conversation. For those…