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Why I like dating younger guys (Part 2)

It's addictive. It's hot. You are now the author of your own rendition of Karma Sutra. Dating/sleeping with younger guys is like having a work out, while having a crown on your head. I say this because the song 'Let's Get Physical' is the soundtrack to all your memories and you decide what he eats, when he eats it, what he wears and when he wears it, if his hair is ridiculous and if he's friends are of good influence.

This is a continuation of a previous read where I had established that I prefer grape juice over red wine with the following seven reasons:

Reason 01: You are their trophy:
Reason 02: You are their teacher, and they always bring an apple for you.
Reason 03: They try so hard to keep with your contemporaries.
Reason 04: Their bodies are still in place
Reason 05: They make you work harder to keep up with contemporary music and lingo.
Reason 06: You get to boss them around and it’s fair because you’ve been around longer
Reason 07: Reproductive organs…

Why I Like Dating Younger Guys! (Part 1)

I always categorized myself as an ‘older man’ girl. I recall being in school and crushing on classmates’ fathers, and not their brothers; I knew my calling was elsewhere down the path of ‘aged and greying’. I felt absolute zilch when I saw boys with their much too long hair spiked at varying degrees and angles; I was afraid of being blinded by these deadly spikes. They wore ripped jeans that were briefly pegged on to their pelvic areas and who were adjudged manlier depending of the speed of growth of their facial hair.

As is with the case of blue Stilton cheese, unless you have an acquired taste, you would not appreciate with age does to normal cheese. Unless you’re the type who doesn’t mind have a mild buzzing hangover after polishing a bottle of red wine, you will not appreciate what time does to grape juice that is simply fine on its own.

My interests were in men who had real jobs, carried a BlackBerry (perceived as being a businessman on the go), had ‘meetings’ that required them …

It's a Corporate Affair!

It happens every day, everywhere. It’s that adrenaline rush - the excitement, coupled with the fact you’re doing what you're not supposed to.

It could be something as simple as a flirtatious smile from over the computer; or even locking eyes for a second as you eat lunch in two different corners of the cafeteria; it could be that you love how he smells and you lean in a little closer hoping that his hand would accidentally graze your boobs. You probably like how well he does justice to the ‘slim-fit’ shirts, and then there are those bulges in all the right places. You are in an important meeting and all you want to do is cup his butt cheeks; but of course you can’t do that and you shift uncomfortably in your own seat, pretending to take notes.

You fantasize of wearing short leather skirts and having him take you down on his desk; you wish he’d come over to your desk and while pretending to look interested in something you’re saying and rubs the nape of your neck. You wipe the bead…

When Make-Up retires and Cellulite takes Permanent Residence.

For Christmas last year, I was in Beruwala at my favourite local hotel Cinnamon Bey, thanks to a close friend who got me an amazing deal there; the festive season attracts Diaspora visitors from around the world, tourists, lovers and families. Three months later, there’s just one thing that’s etched deeply in my mind. I remember sitting in a crowded dining area at breakfast, over-hearing conversations but there this one Middle-Eastern couple I could not take my eyes off.

Amongst the conversations on what the weather must be like back home, criticism over the authenticity of the food on offer at the buffet, and questioning others’ sense of fashion, I remember surreptitiously observing the said couple.

I don’t remember if they had other children except for a toddler secured in a stroller; she was modestly clothed in a traditional Burka, only her beautiful face showing. Her husband was in nondescript holiday wear. What first caught my attention was how beautiful she looked and how perfe…