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My Wish List for the Perfect Guy!

A girl is entitled to a wish. Let's just get that fact out of the way.

You can be twelve, twenty-one, forty-six or eighty-seven years old, but the fact remains that a girl can wish. When I was eight I wanted to marry the purple haired Rio (Jem and the Holograms), when I was twelve it was Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), when I was twenty-one, it was George Clooney – and now, I’m wishing for anything younger, buffed as Eff, and a good cook!

So when I asked on Facebook about what women liked or had as a ‘wish-list’ for boys, I was mildly surprised when almost everyone who responded to it had the same things on their mind! Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Naturally, I have ranked them from least important to my top seller! Let me know if you agree :)

20. Colour of Eyes:
I can't say much for this, as thus far only the brown-eyed have crossed my finish line. I think it's a weakness I have. Also, to add to this, is the shape of eyes and eyebrows. Nothing says ‘I can take you dow…