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The Big Fat Nothing!

'Disappointment’ is buying a full bag of movie snacks only to find that 80% of its contents are air; it is the discovery that investing in luxurious brands of hair care does not give you luscious locks as promised. It is also to sadly accept that one cannot have a threesome with Channing Tatum and Zayn Malik.
To understand these experiences listed below are to accept the power of advertising. Deceptive? Perhaps so; it is when there is a little too much fluff, permissible exaggeration, or white lies. Expectations have almost a vile way of turning against us, and I have decided to list down certain ‘disappointments’ that have been the end result of high hopes and fantasies.
Before I begin, I would like to provide a disclaimer that not ALL the incidents mentioned in ‘The Big Fat Nothing’ have necessarily happened to me To retain the anonymity of the sharers I shall be using aliases and twist the context as I see fit. I asked on Facebook if I should list these ‘disappointments’ and I…