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I like My Men Married!

Why Being Single Rocks!

Last week, I met one of my nearest and dearest friends for dessert at the beautiful, eclectic café ‘Schákàsz’ at Stratford Avenue; I was meeting her while she was on holiday. On our way to the café which was a comfortable 20 minute cab ride, she asked me how I was doing, I replied superficially, “I’ve been doing well” and then more pointedly she asked how I really was. Code for ‘spill the beans’.
I touched her arm briefly and said, "I am really happy, that is either because I genuinely am, or else, I am losing my mind". She being single herself, did not need further explanation. There was a point in my life (circa 2009 – 2012) where I wanted nothing more than to be in a relationship with someone, but now I cannot and do not want anything that goes beyond the word ‘boy’.
It is not that commitment is bad, but who would want to trade in for sleep?
As most of my friends are in limbo between ‘on the way to the delivery room for baby no. 2’ or ‘he went down on bended knee’, I dec…