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What it’s like being the Single One in Your Posse!

What it’s like being the Fat Girl!

Disclaimer:This post is not about winning your sympathy. This is about letting you know what it feels like to be the ‘fat girl’; it is not always too bad – there are fun moments as well.  Not all events and incidents mentioned in this post relate to me.  These are common events that take place universally, to most fat girls. I take pride in calling myself one – this is no form of debasement, nor is it an excuse, but pure acceptance of who I am, and it’s telling you that I have no problem with it.
My BFF introduced me to Nicole Arbour, the world’s sexiest comedienne who recently published a highly criticized video on YouTube about fat-shaming [click here to watch the video]. She sent me the link to the video to tell me how frustrated and agitated she was about a Caucasian running down ‘obese’ people. Funnily, Arbour does have a point to her video; she talks about getting our act together and being mindful of what gluttony does to our bodies – except, she does it by insulting overweight…