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A Single Girl’s Guide to 2017

As 2017 is fast approaching, it’s only fair Singletons avoid ‘sit-chuations’ in the year ahead. Having said that, be warned that there are certain matters that despite all the preparation in the world, you won’t be able to avoid. Brace yourself for 365 days of commercially wound up nonsense and put on the ultra BS filter glasses, with a cup of cocoa of course.
With my eyes slit and mouth pursed, I can’t help but realize how well advertising agencies know how to manipulate your emotions and your wallet! They really make you question if you love your ‘loved-ones' enough with the weight of your spending; so much so that once you finally tick your shopping list complete, you run one last time to get designer wrapping paper. That, my friend, is consumerism – because it's the wrapper that counts. [I sigh in a silent way of screaming for help]
I decided to dedicate this update to all Singletons to watch out for the impending disasters in 2017 – you can’t be safe, but you can be careful…

Ten Times a Single Girls Says ‘I like You’

Yes, I could actually think of ten times I’ve said ‘I like you’ without having to say the words. One of the long-standing jokes I have with The Boyfriend is how it took us about three months to say those words to each other, but did absolutely everything else to get the message across, but failed miserably. Naturally, we both have two different versions of it, but that's another story altogether.
As a single girl, you’re left to wade through scarcity of men, imbeciles who only want to cross the ‘valley’, or just clueless people – and suddenly there appears your Adonis; but being the numero uno feminist you are, you still claim that the first move should be made by the sex with the three jewels. 
I thought I'd list a few times a single girl gives a ‘potential' the green light without having to say it. Guys, this may be the best advice you'd receive to make your 2017 brighter, you can thank me with confectionery.
1.) She makes eye contact or avoids it: There are two kinds …

Questions for the Newly-Coupled Girl

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