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Is ‘Sexting’ the New Love Letter?

What I learned from a Breakup

Break ups are good for you; no – really. It wasn’t a typo.
How ironic that I decided to write this last week, and this evening I run into my Ex-Boyfriend with his new girlfriend. I always imagined how this moment will turn out. My morbid imagination allowed me to fantasize thus – I would drop down to my knees in slow-mo, crying out, ‘Noooooo…' and clasp my bosom to stop my breaking heart; my face wet with a flood of tears, and then, as is the case it with all Bollywood endings, it will rain, and I will slowly wither away. Instead, my reaction was slightly different; I calmly crossed the road and continued on with getting to my intended destination.
If this didn't happen this evening, this read would have turned out to be entirely different.
It's almost 10 PM and I am having my Milo with the biggest smile I have worn in years. Today is my triumphant win against my former self, against the one who swore she couldn't live without 'him' and wanted to give up.