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What If There’s No One to Be Found?

Male Scrutiny?

You know you’ve distinctly reached a new milestone in your life when you no longer care about receiving male attention.
Last year, en route to the gym with my soul sister in a PickMe® Tuk, I told her that there was a boy I fancied, but even though he has offered a curt nod in my direction or a half-smile, he never spoke to me. Never. Ever. I wanted him to speak to me and availed myself in places so that presented opportunity, like timing my entrance with his etc. (Yeah, I really go all the way).
For three months this tango continued and still I had nothing. Like any fool, I told another male friend that I thought him to be the best looking without a shadow of a doubt, naturally, like any fool he mentioned this to the guy I fancied. His reaction: ‘Oh, really?’ – So, as much as I had plans to carve my own tombstone, I thought this was the make or break point. It was the latter.
A few weeks later I told my soul sister about his reaction and I told her that I hadn’t had a legitimate guy (I …

Excuses I give for my Singlehood!