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The First Move

I am on a warpath. It could be that I am Mars Bar deprived, but this week has been protesting about men who expect women to make the first move. Pfft! As if. This conversation stemmed when I was talking to a male colleague(let's call him Kevin) about dating – his theory was that if a girl was incredibly attracted him, she would be left with no choice but to be forced into intimating her feelings to him, and thereby there will be no loss of face for him in case she rejected him. Kevin also moved on to say that he has ‘dated many attractive women' out whom only one he asked out. I then told him about a guy I am currently ‘in like' with – how I have liked him for almost a year now, but he doesn't know me beyond my name and profession. Kevin urged me to say something indicating my feelings to this guy, to message him or call him and ask him what he is doing over the weekend. I literally shouted, ‘HOW DESPERATE WOULD I LOOK?'… And Kevin said, ‘Oh, so now it's despe…

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