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What People Don’t Tell You about Being Single

Are you the type of person who relies on manuals – For electronics? For garden tools? For Life?Or, do you live dangerously by taking your chances with the new hair straightener/curler, or whatever that gadget was meant to do? Having spent a lovely weekend in Weligama with a wedded duo, I’ve come to realize that marriage is in reality, quite easy to do. It’s just going through motions of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with constant human interaction sprinkled with little sparks of irritability and borderline love. It was quite amusing, really.

Today, I have made it my mission to make you understand that as simple single life may appear to be on the surface, it’s a tangle of thoughts of fries vs. wedges, jeans vs. sweat pants, and sleeping in more or not. It’s a tough life, I assure you.
I’ve come to think of myself as an expert in Single Life (self-proclaimed, obvs) who can negotiate any qualm or worry in the subject concerned; I’ve thought I’d share some of my experiences where your perc…

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