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Ten Times a Single Girls Says ‘I like You’

Yes, I could actually think of ten times I’ve said ‘I like you’ without having to say the words. One of the long-standing jokes I have with The Boyfriend is how it took us about three months to say those words to each other, but did absolutely everything else to get the message across, but failed miserably. Naturally, we both have two different versions of it, but that's another story altogether.

As a single girl, you’re left to wade through scarcity of men, imbeciles who only want to cross the ‘valley’, or just clueless people – and suddenly there appears your Adonis; but being the numero uno feminist you are, you still claim that the first move should be made by the sex with the three jewels. 

I thought I'd list a few times a single girl gives a ‘potential' the green light without having to say it. Guys, this may be the best advice you'd receive to make your 2017 brighter, you can thank me with confectionery.

1.) She makes eye contact or avoids it: There are two kinds of women; you judge them by their eye contact. Either they make a lot of it or none of it. If she is making a little more eye contact than usual or you notice her batting her eyelids in an unbecoming way, she is not suffering from conjunctivitis. She likes you; just ask her number already!

2.) She dresses a little different: Now, I know that this is asking for too much – men will never understand the difference between ‘matte’ and ‘soft matte’ lipstick; or why one would wear an ankle-length dress with slits up to her armpits and feel the need to wear leggings. In any case, should you notice that her eyeliner doesn't resemble a panda and it's drawn in two separate lines and not a blob, she is trying to signal your affection.

3.) She may ask you questions that need to be answered later: This is especially true about women who *just* cannot bring themselves to admit that she likes you. She may ask you questions that would need time to answer – for example, ‘Yes, I’d like a copy of Chris Brown’s mixtapes’, ‘You must read this book – let me know if you’d like me to lend it to you’. That is your cue, Prince Almost Charming.

4.) She might listen to you and remember details to bring it up during a later conversation. Don’t you dare credit her ‘sharp memory’ or you might be jabbed with a sharp object. She remembers the details because she wants to, not because she has unlimited memory space. Her bringing up things you’ve discussed or following up on something is not solely because she cares about what really happened but she just wants to show that she *listens* because she cares.

5.) She may respond to your messages in 0.13 seconds, and that's only for you. With others, she might take between 6 hours or never to respond, but I bet she has a special ‘beep' saved for your number as well. If you think she just sits around and waits for your messages to come through, I can assure you that she is slaying dragons with one hand, baking a cake with another, while furiously typing a 10-page report for work with another – she doesn't have time; she makes time for you.

6.) She would defend you, even if it’s meant as a joke: You know how you poke fun at people? Sometimes her real feelings would emerge as she quickly defends you when your friends ridicule your questionable hairdo.

7.) She would go to places she wouldn’t normally, just so that she can be in your presence: Maybe you’ve not figured this out, but if she’s going to places with your/her mutual friends and you are a part of this group, she’s telling you that she likes you in the most obvious and painful way possible. This is the modern day equivalent of smoke signals to announce a state of emergency.

8.) You catch her sneaking a glance at you but she quickly looks away – No, you weren't imagining her blushing away awkwardly squeezing her phone. She could be holding your gaze for a second longer than she should. This is where she passes in a mid-day dream, wishing you’d lean over and tell her that you feel the same.

9.) She tries hard to prove that she doesn't like you: If she's like me, she'd blatantly roll her eyes at something you say. Just so that it's obvious that there's not even a whiff of ‘Crush' – but on the inside, she dreams of poking you and making sure you're real. #DizzyDaze

10.) She doesn't post garb about celebrities on social media anymore: You're her Zayn Malik+Magic Mike+Pierce Brosnan all rolled into one.

If you've been this single girl whose had one of more of these situations you'd know that the struggle is real. Here are 10 times I've encountered -

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