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Top 07 Sri Lankan Couple Trends in 2017

If you’re just as surprised that 2017 finished so fast, you’re not the only one. I feel like I just bade 2016 farewell, and now the Millennium is officially an adult! While gorging on Kiri Bath and chicken curry at the beginning of the year, many resolutions were made, trends were set, new relationship goals were attained. While I reached new heights with Clinomania, many couples have set social media trends in 2017 that are here to stay. Let’s take a look at seven highlights of the year. 1.) The Longer-than-Constitution Nuptial ‘Thank You' If you've heard the state budget being read out in the parliament, you know how long and tedious that can get. This trend is when the couple no sooner has claimed their I Dos, honeymoon while typing elongated thanks to their Sudu Akkas, Maamas, Nandis, and the photographer’s family dog on a Facebook status. I’ve seen this status growing from 3 sentences to 3,000 characters this year and it doesn’t look like it’ll end. 2.) Vacay Mode Remember th…

How Sri Lankan Couples Shop for Christmas – Reality vs. Expectation

Thanks to a very generous office Secret Santa, I was able to indulge in a few more visits to the local department stores (only one) far more than usual. Unless you really carry the spirit of Christmas, you find it hard not to ambush the people who try to throttle their way full steam, bashing their bags and heels on passersby; dropping kadala and bits of vadey everywhere they went. Evidently, they’re far worthier than you because their shopping bill is far higher than what the local government has budgeted for national education in 2018. This also gave me the inspiration to discuss how Sri Lankan Couples plan their gifts for their significant other. From the clueless blokes to the over-zealous girls, shopping for your partner is never easy. Let's look at it from His and Her points of view, because I've promised to be fair to the guys!
1 [Her] If you’re a girl, you know what you want months in advance. You might even start for the next year, no sooner you take down this year’s Chri…

Sri Lankan Couple-y Things you will encounter this Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I’m counting the minutes until I get my bonus this Christmas. I’m expecting a call any moment now from my bank to warn me of suspicious online activity because I keep logging back in to check my balance every 17 minutes. Why are Accountants and finance departments in general so pompous, being secretive about how much the bonus is and when it will be transferred – it’s not like it’s Frodo’s ‘precious’ ring Frodo after all? While you battle this, you will also be baffled by a few couple-y things Sri Lankans do while you set about to your errands this season. It’s bad enough that you constantly use the calculator function on your phone so that you don’t max out your Debit card; now you and other shoppers in Colombo have to deal with some of the following:
1.)The Endless PDA
This isn’t limited to the Season, but all year through; however, during Christmas, the Breudher induced affection reaches new heights. Holding hands, walking in slow motion, oblivious to the …

Challenges Every Sri Lankan Couple Faces

If you think that being single in the land of Sri Lanka is a challenge, then you might find that being a couple is similar to walking around with two CCTVs permanently strapped to your head. It's bad enough that there's a severe lack of men who own a decent wardrobe that extends beyond ‘Waves' flip-flops and know how to respond to texts without an ‘LOL' at the end of every sentence, it's just as hard to keep them trapped – I mean, interested. Aside from hiding your slight Borderline Personality Disorder until he is completely smitten, Sri Lankan girls (and some guys) have to cope with severe pressure assailed by several types of people and circumstances listed below:
1.) To Wed or Not to Wed:
Even if you two are completely happy to take time in deciding where your relationship is headed, the social pressure gets to you. It's bad enough they badgered you into a cake-induced coma with their repeated questions when you were single about when you were ‘going to settl…

When a Sri Lankan Girl Falls in Love

In a hypothetic world, when a girl falls for a guy, she either finds that the affection is reciprocated or if not, moves on – in either situation, she walks away unscathed. However, in the case of a Sri Lankan girl, this is not so. If truth be told, I haven't ventured down this road in a while, but I do recall ‘strange' behaviour that came over me with a beating heart while mini-dragons ravaged my gut when he spoke to me. Sri Lankan girls go through a strange cycle concerning her behaviour and speech in the days of realizing her affections. Amazingly enough, everyone except the guy she likes realizes this. Let's take a look at some this behaviour – maybe you're nodding your head in agreement or I've missed out on a few, let me know in comments on your thoughts.

1.) Awkward Smiling:
You could be getting the shelling of your life from your boss at work, or facing the worst possible CIMA examination where you haven't flipped a page, but you find yourself happy. Gri…