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Why F*ckBoys Are So 2003

If I were to Google the most significant happenings in 2003, I would come across the occasional flood, victory in a game, and a change in governments. Nothing on how legalising temporary lovers.
As recently as 2014, I would encourage the concept of F*ck Boys. I would tell anyone and everyone to enjoy the life of temporary solutions and quick fixes. I would even reason with them and say it’s really no point being in a relationship *just* for sex. The way I saw it was I buy my own chocolate, shoes, and sleep for ten hours daily – there was no need to disturb this beautiful equilibrium.
Women are independent and the only thing I imagined that the only act that required the involvement of another person was copulation. Three years later I couldn’t be more wrong for many reasons. I am thankful for coming to realise that fast food isn’t always the answer.
If you’re living in 2017 and you think F*ck Boys are acceptable, I am not judging you – no one can or should. Here’s why I stopped believi…

The Female Bro Code

It’s the third week of 2017 and I am feeling rather philosophical. I’ve been off green tea for a while, so that can’t be the reason for the latter. If anyone were to ask me for my all time favourite pieces of advice, I’d land them with 1.) Eat the cake, or you will regret it tomorrow 2.) Let him make the first move and 3.) Lose the friend fat.
There’ll always be a stubborn patch of fat that refuses to melt despite all your efforts in the gym, you only wish that it aligned in the 'right areas'. Looking through my ‘memories' almost daily, I see the ‘fat' I have shed. Constantly I am hit with the number of people who lost me, or whom I lost because they violated what I like to call a ‘Bro Code’.
It amazes me how much a guy would do to salvage his friendship with his ‘bro’ and how little women do for their own friends. Notice how immediately a guy will stop hunting you down the minute you say you’re taken or you like someone else as opposed to saying that you’re simply not i…

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