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Axing the Exes

'The Boyfriend' and I have fun conversations where we speculate what our lives would have been like if we had met each earlier - when we were schooling; or when we were teenagers; or even last year. Last week, during an intense conversation about Exes, he said that he wished he came in sooner so that I could have avoided all the heartbreak on the way.
I fantasised about this for three seconds and refused flatly saying, ‘No, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate you if I hadn't gone through those'.
Mistakes are like food if you think about it. There are times when we sleep through breakfast and go in ravenously for lunch, or we might finish a 12" pizza single-handedly without stopping to catch our breath. It's very rare that we eat optimally. The same principle applies to mistakes - it's polar extremes but never 'just right'.
When you are very deep in a sinkhole and you wonder if reformation is necessary or possible. You've messed up really…