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The Good, The Bad, The Casual

Relationships in Your 20s Vs. 30s

If I had to compare my relationships in my 20s versus those in my 30s, I’d say they are two extremes. While my 20s would be a spicy Achcharu, my 30s are an Angus beef steak. Both are incredibly satisfying, however, they are poles apart and serve two types of cravings. Some of my friends found their ‘true love’ in their 20s, some others in their 30s, and even some in their 40s.

When I was 19 I thought that I *had* to be married or in a relationship with ‘The One’ when I was 25. I had been single for two years when I celebrated my 25th and I felt like a desolate pariah. I hated cupid with a vengeance – that winged, loin-cloth wearing b*tch. Now, at nearly-31 I think even 40s are the best years to be hitched. If anyone thinks that ‘older’ means ‘less valuable’, you’ve never been farther from the truth. I thought I’d venture on a comparison to look at how time, age, and maturity benefit us (Note to reader – the terms age and maturity are independent of each other).

1. #YouDoYou:

I was mildl…