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Why We Date F*ckboys

Ten Times a Single Girl Should Say “No”

Appreciation of an Ex

If you've just broken up from a relationship where you thought you've found it all and you are finding it impossible to cope, all you can think of is the hatred that seething through your veins. You envision a special place in hell for him – someplace hotter and crueller than general. I've been there; all you can think of are ways to finish him (physically and metaphorically) in the most diabolical ways possible. But, recently, while enjoying an hour long soak with bath bombs, I began to think that maybe we have this all wrong – maybe a broken heart can do you wonders. Here are a few ways in which I think we need to 'thank' our former lovers and partners than loathe them for the disruption they've caused with their ghosting.

I’ve used the term ‘disruption’ but think of it as an instance where you’ve decided to shake away the weeks (or months) of dust gathered on a rug that you had been meaning to clean for while but simply forgot.You discover that it's a viv…