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Relationship Advice from Sri Lankan Aunties

Texts from Random Sri Lankan Guys

I was a latecomer to the “Update Your Linkedin Account for a High Flying Career” party. Having created a ‘proper’ profile in 2015, I was appalled by the number of messages I received via the platform having updated my mobile number. The latter was made public for prospective employers to get in touch with ease – not for others to use this for befriending purposes. How na├»ve I was in thinking that this would happen.
I saw a pattern emerging and I thought of compiling some of the texts you would only receive from Sri Lankan guys. You must admit, that certain male folk in this country have creativity, ambition, and a lot of free internet Gigabytes. For those of you who haven’t received these messages, consider yourself blessed and for the others who will agree to receiving a myriad of these, do let me know if I’ve missed out on any!
01 – ‘U Der’ Prior to Facebook activating its security settings, you must remember how everyone from Adam to Andare was able to inbox you. It was quite annoying…