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Types of Sri Lankan Boyfriends

If you're a Sri Lankan girl under the age of 18, mentioning the ‘B' word will have your parents cartwheeling, calling the best witch doctor in Anuradhapura saying that you're possessed, because, after all, no Sri Lankan female under 30 was allowed to find love on her own accord.
For your Parents, every boy is trying to break open your treasure chest (if you know what I mean) – they are rabid pariahs, almost like anthrax. For every young girl educated in an all-female school until the budding age of 19, they’re lissome creatures, must-haves in every way.
It may not be very evident at first, but Sri Lankan Boyfriends are of several ‘genres’, if you may. Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious types!

1.) Moose:

This is the one who seems to have opinions of humanitarian, thoughts of a poet and a personality of a stone. Scrolling through his news feed, you will find so many interesting posts, quips, and comments, but IRL, he is just like Moose from Archie comics… ‘Duh… that&…

Dealing with the Big Qs – Sri Lankan Style

Meeting the Opposite Sex, if you’re a Sri Lankan

If you’re a Sri Lankan girl, the options of meeting and having platonic relationships with guys are limited. If you were born in the early nineties like me (okay, that's a lie – mid-eighties is more like it), your teen years meant that the only social life you enjoyed was with your school textbooks and the occasional call you make on the (hold your breath) the landline feigning a call from a female friend. Teens have it so easy now – with the development of social media and other communication platforms.
Reading through Sweet Valley High in my teen years, I would ooze with jealousy on how easy it was to inform parents of dates/parties instead of having to lie through my teeth about mixed parties.With this update, I thought I would revisit some of the only times a Sri Lankan girl was able to meet guys, during the pre-Facebook era circa 2003.
1. Sibling’s Friends
The chances are that your first ‘boyfriend’ was your brother’s best friends. He probably lost that friend because of you a…