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When a Sri Lankan Girl Falls in Love

In a hypothetic world, when a girl falls for a guy, she either finds that the affection is reciprocated or if not, moves on – in either situation, she walks away unscathed. However, in the case of a Sri Lankan girl, this is not so. If truth be told, I haven't ventured down this road in a while, but I do recall ‘strange' behaviour that came over me with a beating heart while mini-dragons ravaged my gut when he spoke to me. Sri Lankan girls go through a strange cycle concerning her behaviour and speech in the days of realizing her affections. Amazingly enough, everyone except the guy she likes realizes this. Let's take a look at some this behaviour – maybe you're nodding your head in agreement or I've missed out on a few, let me know in comments on your thoughts.

1.) Awkward Smiling:
You could be getting the shelling of your life from your boss at work, or facing the worst possible CIMA examination where you haven't flipped a page, but you find yourself happy. Gri…

When on a Date in Sri Lanka

If you've reached the time in your life where you start dating, you know full well that in Sri Lanka, it has to be done on the sly. There are many people who might have 'reactions'; for instance, if your parents find that you have been painting the C-town red: 1.) They will rush to drop a marriage proposal ad in the Sunday Times and marry you off to the next person who has a visa to Australia 2.) Behead you, ISIS style. Even in my (ahem) thirties, I am ravaged with so many questions from parents, relatives, and the neighbour’s security uncle who seems to be very interested in the time I clock in at home. Like me, I am sure there are others who face similar situations when it comes to Dating in Sri Lanka – and I thought it was appropriate to pen down some of them as we draw 2017 to a close.

Finding just the right Outfit
When and if you are asked on a date, it would be easier to find Pennywise in a drain trap than find something inexpensive and stylish under 10 grand in Sri Lan…