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07 Ways Sri Lankan Girls Say ‘No’

Sri Lankans on Instagram

Looking through my Instagram feed spanning close to five years now, I realised that it’s a tool that I primarily use to salivate over food, screenshot inspirational quotes, stalk IG-famous dogs, and serves as my numero uno platform for my CID work. But, this could be just me. I did also notice how some others take to Instagram to inform the world at large, of their affections towards their Significant Others. Romance intensifies with a splash of Clarendon, Valencia, or Juno filters, and let’s not even talk about how the saturation, brightness controls, and shadows, do wonders to make an average selfie look incredible. It also occurred to me that just like others I use this social media platform for specific tasks, just like other Instagram. This inspired me to compile all the reasons why I use/used it!
1Stalking an Ex: Oh, you’re completely over him, but Sri Lanka being the island it is, you’re bound to run into him at a Big Match or Bradby, or when you’ve stepped out the kade for roast