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Sri Lankan Relationships in the 90s

I was attending a work training about the different age groups in a workplace, and I was particularly chuffed about being called a ‘Millennial’ – having been born between 1981 and 1996, apparently, we view the world differently far differently than others. We were a delightful mix between the old and new. If you were turning 14 or 15 years when the Millennium dawned, you had a bit of both worlds. We saw traditional and mixed it with contemporary, especially if you were Crushing on someone back then. Today I had to use a landline – and get this – it took me ten seconds to understand how I had to punch in the area code followed by the number. I was slightly nostalgic for those years of relying solely on these devices before owning my Nokia 3310. 1.Texts If you grew up in a Sri Lankan school, you most likely went to one that wasn’t co-ed. You smuggled in a mobile phone which typically belonged to your sibling, and showed your peers what a text or an SMS was. You were marvelling at this bric…

Types of Sri Lankan Girlfriends