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Sri Lankan Weddings – Then & Now

The landscape of marriage has shifted so much over the last decade or two. I’ve just received the third wedding invitation for the year and I thought that there is no better time than now to pick on the norms or stigmas associated for Sri Lankan weddings, and how they have changed over the years.
1. “You’re Too Old Now”

How Sri Lankans Define Relationship Goals

I was reading about successful relationships recently and it opened my eyes to the fact that humans define success in relationships in so many ways. What you and I call ‘regular’ is someone else’s ‘ultimate’ or vice versa – just when you thought you knew everything having read the latest issue of Cosmopolitan SL, this oxymoron – successful relationships, is my subject to pick on this week. A goal is what you work for; the destination that you hope to arrive at. So, let's try to determine how Sri Lankans coin their Facebook-officiated, Snap-Chat the perfect Stories, for their Insta-goals. For many Sri Lankans (or possibly me), if I'm willing to share my Perera & Sons lamprais with a bite of the fried egg, you're special. But, let's take a look at how other Sri Lankans define Relationship Goals.
1.) “Social” Behaviour For some, being "official" on Facebook is the ultimate goal. When he "rings" you on social media, he is telling his 1300 friends and 9…