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[Blog Post] Weird Lankan Couples Quirks

Sri Lankans are known for their signature Sri Lankan baila moves as well as the weird quirks in relationships. It's done purely out of love, and if you factor out the ridiculous parts it could be quite endearing. Today I thought I’d talk about the weird couple quirks I've come to see in Sri Lankan couples like thoe ones below. 1. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Thou Shall Not Chop thy Locks Recently my colleague whom I shall name as Rapunzel, told me how she snuck away to a salon to cut her hair and with all the precautions she took, he found out and demanded that she Uber herself back home. I had many questions. Why did you need his permission to cut your own hair? Does he wash, condition, and blow dry your hair each morning? Are you like Samson in the bible whose hair is linear to wisdom? It’s a haircut for crying out loud, not an orgy. If men like long hair so much why don’t they grow their own or just buy a wig from Srina Palace. 2. The Glorified Slave Last week I met a 65-year-old Aunt w…

[Blog Post] The Dating Do-Nots in Sri Lanka

[Blog Post] How Lankan Couples go Official

I think I’ve finally figured out why Sri Lankans find local cuisine a complex challenge. Can anything be cooked without adding seventeen spices in varying measures? This is why it doesn’t really surprise me that Lankans complicate even the simplest tasks, from shaping their spaghetti into a circle (string hoppers) to even the announcement of their relationships. What can be completed with a simple ‘yes' will be done in one of these below.
1.) The Game of Tag As if marathon watching seasons of Games of Thrones is not enough. By tagging the said partner in check-ins, status updates, photo uploads, and constantly posting on the other’s timelines, Lankan seems to be averse to moderation. Is this done to ward off potential admirers? Is this somehow equal to a dog weeing on everything they set their sights on? We will never know for sure. Complex over comfort, as Lankan motto dictates.
2.) Hi There When you attend a local do, a wedding or a corporate event, one person will always have prece…